Intrigue in Zaghra

Chapter One: On the Rejus Road — Part Two

Intro to 4E Combat 1301

Sunday, Aug. 17, 2008 — In which at least two encounters will be combat, hopefully three!

Xanthus took ill on the journey, ran a fever, and was out of the fights, although did stagger along with the party.

Kirq accosted the group to inquire about their wanderings. When he learned that there was an abominable sacrifice in the making, he agreed to join the party on the mission.

Kobolds ambushed the party. Seven of 10 were killed, the remaining three running away. Horle and Valeska took significant damage. Kirq proved to be a capable sniper.

As the party rested and prepared to press on, two riders gained on them from behind. Horle, faithful to his fighter role, stood in front of the party, confronting the riders with "The Barneys" (Corellon love `em) backing him up. Xanthus found a quiet place to lie down out of the fray, Valeska helping him get aside. "Legion" stayed wisely in the rear echelon, and Kirq melted silently into the foliage to watch for a need to send in damage at range.

A veteran warrior in scale armor, helm and sword dismounted his horse and stated that he had come for Horle. A robed female dismounted and held the horses. The warrior explained that there was a bounty for Horle, tempting the entire party. Horle charged the bounty hunter, precipitating a major clash. Ultimately, Horle and Valeska were reduced to single digit HP, and one of the Barneys ell, mortally wounded and dying. A well-placed shot by Kirq, who came out of hiding to maneuver for line of sight, worsened the strange female (who managed to sleep all four Barneys!) and she fell to the ground, begging for mercy. The fighter took great damage from "Legion's" formidable magic missile attacks,  and Valeska managed to daze him severely. The bounty hunter lowered (butdid not drop) his weapon and said it was enough. Flanked by Valeska and Horle, the warrior dropped his sword.

The Barneys revived their fallen comrade, and all decided to escort the bounty hunter and wizard back to the Duke/Pharoah, leaving the two horses to speed the party ahead, and "lending" the impressive sword of the bounty hunter to Valeska, to be returned later.

The party is currently licking its wounds and catching its breath before pressing on toward the final encounter with the dread cleric, Banqoo….



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